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AIKON Launches

AIKON launches into orbit with Hubble’s Space Telescope Science Institute


In 2017, the bay area startup team at reached out to MTO to put together a rocket ship marketing program for a blockchain company in its early infancy. The challenge? Take the company from whiteboard ideation to public launch and ICO.

The challenge was not only to build an integrated marketing program from scratch, but to create a strong, values-based authentic brand for the blockchain company to stand out from the an exceedingly volatile industry.

To effectively market in a noisy world of pay to play crypto, vaporware, lambos and the “When MOON” crowd, the challenge was to build a brand, product marketing strategy and community that withstood the chaos – that grew an audience primed for both an imminent token launch and a developer-centric product.

“I worked with MTO’s Principal Gretchen Fox when she was still at Live Nation and knew she was the perfect person to meet the enormous ambitions of our blockchain startup,” notes co-founder, Marc Blinder.

What this fledgling blockchain startup needed was a comprehensive & strong marketing program with a nimble team who could bring this new visionary company to life.


MTO led the company through a values-based brand strategy, including the re-branding and creative direction for the company as AIKON, and suite of products: Open Rights Exchange (ORE) Protocol and token; and ORE ID – one click login for dApps.

The team built and executed a comprehensive marketing program that included strategy, planning, development and execution of branding, creative direction, marketing, communications, advertising, channel management and public relations for AIKON and its suite of products.

In under six months, MTO was able to take AIKON from nearly zero to 35,000 community members with a range of 49-59% email open rates, over 50% website conversion rate and highly-targeted cost per acquisition rate of under $2.

The team includes MTO Principal Gretchen Fox, Senior Strategist Sam Tackeff, Project Manager Hannah Heilicher and more than twelve MTO contractors from Brand Strategists to Content Writers and Paid Media experts.

AIKON has raised $4 million in early funding and is currently running a private token sale. Read more about AIKON’s launch of on CoinDesk.

MTO has been a true marketing partner, handling AIKON’s marketing from end-to-end, representing and advocating for our project with passion and excellent execution.

– Marc Blinder, Chief Product Officer, AIKON

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