STARR™ Social Media Scale

How (and why) you should learn your score.


Social media has evolved. Are you ready?

Today’s highly savvy web market has ushered in a new era of social marketing that demands a more strategic, individualized approach unique to each organization. The STARR™ Social Media Scale provides a Social Media Score to help executives, marketers and social professionals know the social media proficiency of their organization between a Level 0 and a Level across the 5 Pillars of The Social System . 

Why is knowing where you stand important?

Currently, there is an enormous and growing gap between organizations who are excelling in the 21st century with a sophisticated understanding and approach to social media and those who are lagging slowly behind. Many organizations are simply checking social media off the list without knowing the full Social Potential they are missing. At the same time, social savvy organizations are making huge strides and creating massive impact, disrupting markets seemingly overnight.

The social economy is estimated at $1.3 Trillion yet billions are being wasted in missed opportunities and lost revenue.

Knowing where your organization stands is the first step to bridging this gap and identifying your road map for success.

What does a Level 5 STARR look like?

Level 5 STARR organizations have best in class social media skills across the 5 Pillars of The Social System:

  1. Social-Digital Brand Identity
  2. Community Activation
  3. Content Marketing
  4. Digital Marketing & Sales
  5. Social IQ

With best in class social media skills, Level 5 STARR organizations:

  1. Stand Out Authority
  2. Top Fan Engagement
  3. Agile Adoption
  4. ROI Positive
  5. Real-time Responsive

Who should take the assessment?

We recommend doing a 360° assessment with everyone that leads and works with social media within the organization including senior executives, managers, junior staff and third party marketing partners. Once the team does their assessment individually, we recommend discussing the findings as a team. It is surprising how many people think differently about this topic and getting aligned on where you stand is step 1 to leveling up.

How can we Level Up?

Your STARR Score is a starting point. Click here to take the assessment & learn where you stand!